Around the League: Week 5 Recap

Around the League: Week 5 Recap

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Keep Climbing


Photo by USATSIDEADWOODS can happily forget their 8th place ranking in the stolen bases standings four weeks ago. Their 6 stolen base performance pushed them into 1st place this week. Jose Altuve and Cameron Maybin were the key contributors, swiping 2 bases each.

Passed By

Colt 45s‘s rise in the standings came to a halt this week after three straight weeks of improvement. They got poor results in two stat categories, including a five spot drop in wins. Coach Kelly’s squad suffered from nine zeros in that category, one of which came from Mychal Givens, who also notched a 3.00 WHIP and sported a 10.80 ERA. That caused Colt 45s to drop five spots in the wins standings (now 9th), 1 win behind SALUKIS. In addition, Colt 45s fell from 3rd to 5th in the overall rankings.

Rule by the Few

SPACE COWBOYS were more sluggish than slugging this week, combining for a measly four homeruns. That was the lowest home run total of any team this week. SPACE COWBOYS had a league low three players who contributed anything in that category. Alex Gordon was one of the eleven no shows. As a result, SPACE COWBOYS are no longer at the top of the HRs standings.

Moving on Up

SALUKIS rocketed up the overall standings this week, moving up five spots into 6th place. They did well in four stat categories, including a three spot rise in RBIs. Coach Moynihan’s squad relied heavily on Yonder Alonso, who logged 10 RBIs to go along with 5 home runs and a .409 BA in 22 at bats. Those 10 RBIs topped all players this week.

Can We Get…Any Stats?

MASTERBLASTERS were already struggling this season, and that was before they collectively took week five off. They only managed 23.5 category points this week, which was the lowest total of any team so far this season. Coaches Colin Scoggins and keith mckinley’s squad were at the back of the line in RBIs, WHIP, ERA, and stolen bases. As a result, MASTERBLASTERS are dead last overall.

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Split Personality

ARMCHAIR SLUGGERS‘s bats were working overtime this week, unfortunately their performance on the mound couldn’t match it. They finished in first for the week in batting average and home runs by putting up a .319 BA and 13 HRs, while coming in 2nd in RBIs. ARMCHAIR SLUGGERS’s pitchers, on the other hand, came in dead last this week in WHIP and ERA with a 1.63 WHIP and a 4.89 ERA.

Working It


Photo by USATSI

SCHNOOKERS got the league’s top save performance this week from Bud Norris. Norris posted 4 saves while leading SCHNOOKERS to 5 saves overall. He might have found a home after getting picked up off the waiver wire this week. His performance pushed SCHNOOKERS from 9th to 6th in the saves standings.

Remember the Good Times

Last week’s 0.74 WHIP performance was something to remember… this week’s performance is one that DEADWOODS will likely try to forget. They put up big numbers in a category where big numbers are big trouble, notching a 1.39 WHIP. Jeremy Jeffress stuck out as the worst performer, producing a 2.70 WHIP in 3 and 1/3 innings. No surprise then, DEADWOODS fell from 1st to 4th in the WHIP standings. Things weren’t better in other categories, as they fell from 2nd to 4th in the overall rankings.

Showing ’em Up

SALUKIS showed everybody how it’s done in the ERA department, sporting a 2.30 ERA. That was the lowest ERA of any team this week. SALUKIS had four qualified players who collectively went fifteen innings without giving up an earned run, one of whom was Nate Jones, who also put up a 0.67 WHIP. As a result, SALUKIS now sits at the top of the ERA standings, passing DEADWOODS. Unfortunately though, SALUKIS fell from 10th to 11th in the overall rankings.

Race to the Bottom

SMOKING GUNS fell down the overall standings for the 2nd straight week, moving from 7th to 8th. They dropped due to slides in three stat categories, including a one spot fall in wins. Coach Quinn, Cavan Quinn’s squad suffered from eight zeros in that category, one of which came from Lance McCullers, who also totaled a 9.00 ERA and recorded a 2.00 WHIP. It was not all doom and gloom however, as SMOKING GUNS improved their rank in two stat categories, including moving up two places in RBIs.

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SALUKIS recorded a 5.08 ERA last week, but really turned things around this week. They came through to the tune of a 1.12 ERA. That total set the curve this week. As a result, SALUKIS jumped up seven spots and into 2nd in the ERA standings.

The Gang’s All Here

SCHNOOKERS have now crawled out of the basement and into 11th place overall. They can attribute the move to good performances in three stat categories, including moving up five places in home runs. A league-high nine different players contributed in that category, with Robinson Chirinos (3 HRs) leading the way. Those 3 HRs were the most that any catcher collected this week.

World’s Best Cheerleader

Coach Denton had more than enough production in the RBIs category this week. SPACE COWBOYS produced the week’s 2nd best performance in the RBIs category despite leaving Justin Smoak and his 6 RBIs on the bench. Smoak’s performance was better than every other bench-rider in the league. SPACE COWBOYS moved up from 3rd to 2nd in the RBIs standings.

Swing and a Miss!

TEABAGGERS‘s hitters might be in need of an eye exam after they posted a .175 BA this week. They were practicing their manners as they put everyone ahead of themselves in the BA category. Coaches Kent Johnson and Patrick Whelan will have a hard time pinning the blame on any particular player. TEABAGGERS had ten underperformers, with Marwin Gonzalez (a .000 BA) being the worst. As a result, TEABAGGERS tumbled all the way from 3rd to 11th in the batting average standings, and also fell from 4th to 8th in the overall rankings.

Follow the Leader

The WHIP category has been no stranger to turnover at the top, having produced three different leaders in the previous three weeks. This week was no exception. DEADWOODS moved up five spots into 1st place after tallying a 0.74 WHIP. They had plenty of players step up in that category, as six starters beat the league average. Justin Wilson

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Winning Smile

After last week’s 1 win effort, it looks like TEABAGGERS were able to regroup. They weren’t messing around when it came to wins this week, winning 6 games. No other team notched more wins. As a result, TEABAGGERS moved up from 10th to 4th in the wins standings.

Napoleon Dynamite


Photo by USATSI

DEADWOODS got the league’s top batting average performance this week from Jose Altuve. Altuve hit .529 while leading DEADWOODS to a .306 BA overall. After his performance this week, he is looking like a darn good waiver wire pickup. His performance pushed DEADWOODS from 9th to 2nd in the batting average standings.

Low Turnout

SALUKIS might want to schedule some time in the weight room after they managed only 2 home runs this week. No other team hit fewer home runs. SALUKIS had a league low two players who contributed anything in that category. Tyler Naquin was one of the twelve no shows. That caused SALUKIS to fall from 5th to 10th in the HRs standings. Things weren’t better in other categories, as they fell off a cliff in the overall standings, going from 6th to 10th.

Doing Good Overall

Colt 45s made a move in the only category that really counts this week, going from 9th to 7th in the overall standings. They rose up due to good performances in three categories, including a two spot jump in RBIs. Coach Kelly’s squad was led by the tag team of Aaron Hicks and Trey Mancini, who together tallied 16 RBIs. It was not all sunshine and unicorns however, as Colt 45s dropped in three stat categories, including moving down two places in saves.

Closing the Gap

SCHNOOKERS and SALUKIS weren’t remotely close in the RBIs standings last week (12th and 7th respectively). After this week’s action however, they’re neck and neck (9th and 10th respectively). SCHNOOKERS accomplished this feat by totaling 36 RBIs. Coach Schneller’s squad got a nice group performance in that category, as seven players beat the league average. Jonathan Schoop was the first among equals, posting 6 RBIs. Meanwhile, ARMCHAIR SLUGGERS produced only 28 RBIs due to poor performances from Kyle Higashioka, JaCoby Jones, and Jarrod Saltalamacchia, who each failed to drive anybody in.

2017 – Around the League: Week 1 Recap

It is Good to be King

SPACE COWBOYS find themselves in the enviable position of being at the top of the overall standings. They pulled off an impressive feat this week, coming in first in batting average, stolen bases, and home runs with a .277 BA, 7 stolen bases, and 16 HRs. In the HRs category, Salvador Perez was the key contributor for SPACE COWBOYS, cranking out 4 HRs to go along with 4 RBIs.

A New Year Indeed

TEABAGGERS finished dead last in the RBIs standings for 2016, but so far 2017 is a very different year. They knew what to do with men on base this week, driving in 40 of them. That was the highest RBI total of any team.

Earnings are Up

In a display that would make Sandy Koufax cry, SCHNOOKERS collectively sported a 6.26 ERA this week. That was the highest ERA of any team this week. Sam Dyson stuck out as the worst performer for SCHNOOKERS, tallying a 36.00 ERA in 2 innings.

Doin Work

SHAMS were hitting off tees this week, batting .261. They did well with a balanced effort, as six players outperformed the league average. Yunel Escobar was the best of the bunch, hitting .414. That .414 BA was the best of any third baseman this week.

Lower the Mound!

DEADZONES dominated the ERA category this week, totaling a 2.48 ERA. That they performance was enough to put that they in the top spot for ERA. Coach Stetz’s squad got two clean sheets in the ERA category, with Andrew Miller and Andrew Triggs posting a 0.00 ERA.