Around the League: Period 27 Recap

Around the League: Period 27 Recap

Check out this article to see information, stats, and recaps from the league’s action this week.

Keep Climbing

MasahiroTanaka092319Photo by USATSICITY SLICKERS II’s 9th place WHIP ranking back in week two is a distant memory these days. Their 1.01 WHIP pushed them into 2nd place this week. Coach DeMonte’s squad got three solid performances, courtesy of Masahiro TanakaAaron Civale, and Taylor Rogers, who together produced a 0.68 WHIP in 17 and 2/3 innings.

Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop

JustinVerlander092319Photo by USATSISCHNOOKERS got more of the performances that had them moving up the overall standings in each of the previous three weeks. They can attribute the move to good performances in three stat categories, including moving up four places in wins. Justin Verlander was the key contributor, notching 2 wins. That helped SCHNOOKERS move up from 6th to 2nd in the wins standings.


AdalbertoMondesi050619Photo by USATSIDEADZONES got the league’s top stolen base performance this week from Adalberto Mondesi. Mondesi swiped 4 bases while leading DEADZONES to 5 stolen bases overall. He is on quite a hot streak, having totaled more stolen bases than any other starting player over the last three weeks. Nevertheless, DEADZONES stayed in 5th place in the stolen bases standings.

Producing the Goods

Nothing got past Colt 45s‘ batsmen, who had a .306 batting average this week. They did well with a balanced effort, as seven players outperformed the league average. Matt Duffy was the best of the bunch, hitting .444. Duffy’s performance this week stopped his nine game streak of not meeting his projections. As a result, Colt 45s jumped up one spot and into 3rd in the batting average standings, passing SHAMS. Unfortunately though, Colt 45s fell from 3rd to 5th in the overall rankings.

Can We Get…Any Stats?

SKINS’s bad season got a whole lot worse this week. They only managed 15 category points, which was the lowest total of any team this season. Coaches Mark Hodgkins and Frank Grzegorzewski’s squad managed to finish worst in the league in RBIs, home runs, stolen bases, WHIP, and ERA (with 18 RBIs, 5 HRs, 0 stolen bases, a 0.93 WHIP, and a 1.39 ERA). As a result, SKINS fell from 10th to 12th in the overall rankings.

Roto Weekly Performance
Week Rank Team Season Rank (of 324) Season Percentile
1 SCHNOOKERS 20 94th
3 DEADZONES 44 86th
5 Colt 45s 63 81st
7 TEABAGGERS 136 58th
8 DEADWOODS 214 34th
10 SALUKIS 286 12th
11 SHAMS 315 3rd
12 SKINS 324 < 1st