Around the League: Period 10 Recap

Around the League: Period 10 Recap

Check out this article to see information, stats, and recaps from the league’s action this week.

That’s More Like It


Photo by USATSITommy Pham was probably in Coaches Mark Hodgkins and Frank Grzegorzewski’s doghouse after last week’s 0 RBI ‘performance’. He might be let out now. Pham racked up 7 RBIs while leading SKINS to 35 RBIs overall. His performance this week stopped his four game streak of not meeting his projections. Nevertheless, SKINS stayed in 9th place in the RBIs standings.

Passed By


Photo by USATSI

DEADZONES dominated the home runs category this week, blasting 16 of them. Rafael Devers separated himself from the rest of the crew on DEADZONES, cranking out 4 HRs to go along with 8 RBIs and a .481 BA in 27 at bats. Devers blasted four home runs this week and was likely robbed of another when he skied one into the roof of Minute Maid Park. DEADZONES jumped up one spot and into 3rd in the HRs standings, 7 HRs behind SPACE COWBOYS. That was the good news unfortunately, as DEADZONES fell from 2nd to 4th in the overall rankings.

Look Out Below!

Hard to believe, but SALUKIS used to be in 2nd place in the wins standings. That was back in week three. Unfortunately, things have gone downhill since. They fell down two spots to 11th place this week after winning only 1 game. Coach Moynihan’s squad suffered from eight zeros in that category, one of which came from Reynaldo Lopez, who also sported a 19.64 ERA and notched a 2.45 WHIP.


Colt 45s held on to their spot in 2nd place overall this week. Next week, however, they may have trouble pulling off that same feat. They are in serious danger of falling down in five separate categories- RBIs, home runs, saves, wins, and WHIP. Falling back in each of those spots would leave Colt 45s with 63 category points overall, and likely put them in 4th place.

Cleaning Up

SPACE COWBOYS showed, once again, how it’s supposed to be done this week. They topped all other teams for the week, earning 71 category points. Coach Denton’s squad pulled off an impressive feat this week, coming in first in home runs, wins, and ERA with 19 HRs, 4 wins, and a 2.50 ERA. As a result, SPACE COWBOYS moved up in the overall rankings from 5th to 3rd.

Roto Weekly Performance
Week Rank Team Season Rank (of 120) Season Percentile
3 DEADZONES 25 79th
4 Colt 45s 35 71st
5 TEABAGGERS 38 68th
7 DEADWOODS 59 51st
8 SKINS 74 38th
9 SCHNOOKERS 99 18th
10 SHAMS 99 18th
12 SALUKIS 114 5th