Month: May 2016

2017 – Around the League: Week 1 Recap

It is Good to be King

SPACE COWBOYS find themselves in the enviable position of being at the top of the overall standings. They pulled off an impressive feat this week, coming in first in batting average, stolen bases, and home runs with a .277 BA, 7 stolen bases, and 16 HRs. In the HRs category, Salvador Perez was the key contributor for SPACE COWBOYS, cranking out 4 HRs to go along with 4 RBIs.

A New Year Indeed

TEABAGGERS finished dead last in the RBIs standings for 2016, but so far 2017 is a very different year. They knew what to do with men on base this week, driving in 40 of them. That was the highest RBI total of any team.

Earnings are Up

In a display that would make Sandy Koufax cry, SCHNOOKERS collectively sported a 6.26 ERA this week. That was the highest ERA of any team this week. Sam Dyson stuck out as the worst performer for SCHNOOKERS, tallying a 36.00 ERA in 2 innings.

Doin Work

SHAMS were hitting off tees this week, batting .261. They did well with a balanced effort, as six players outperformed the league average. Yunel Escobar was the best of the bunch, hitting .414. That .414 BA was the best of any third baseman this week.

Lower the Mound!

DEADZONES dominated the ERA category this week, totaling a 2.48 ERA. That they performance was enough to put that they in the top spot for ERA. Coach Stetz’s squad got two clean sheets in the ERA category, with Andrew Miller and Andrew Triggs posting a 0.00 ERA.